What is Home?

Kenilworth, a small country town in rural Queensland, Australia. Our family of five have called it home for the last three years, this is where our journey begins. Well actually it ended here not so long ago. We are currently preparing for our second trip across this vast continent and I doubt it will be our last, I know this because we used to call suburban Perth in Western Australia home.

It’s really interesting, this concept of home. As if it is a place, a building or a city. Wiki defines it as “A home is a dwelling-place used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual, family, household or several families in a tribe.” I think the latter part of that is far more accurate than the reference to dwellings. I truly believe, now more than ever, that home is not a place but the people your heart resides with. The family, the friend who may as well be family and the community where your people are.

We have met some amazing people here in Qld and it is gonna be so hard to say good-bye to a few of them as they belong in my definition of home. I just wish all my people were in one place. How cool would that be? To have all your people in one place. I bet they would get along by sharing embarrassing stories about you… (ok. So I’m totally reconsidering that idea of all my people together).

Whilst on the first trip over I realized something, we are taking part of home with us out there because it’s such a huge connection with those closest to us, to me right now that’s my family, my kids and my husband. Road-tripping is hard and it doesn’t always go according to plan but that’s what makes it an adventure. We really do love the road, the country life and the freedom and comfort of home both of those bring.  I hope you enjoy watching as we embark on this journey with and to our home.

Relationships are a big part of what I would call home. This photo is from our first trip across Australia 3 years ago. We are hoping to re-enact it this trip as I know exactly where it was taken. What do you consider the true meaning of home?