Wednesday Craft Wrap

I haven’t done much crafting of late, been too depressed about our car being in the shop for over a month and all that hoohar messing up my savings for our travel plans. However, this week I’m aiming to get back into it with a purpose. Once a week I will post our crafting bits both to keep a record and to remind myself to actually put time aside to be creative for stress relief and my own enjoyment and also to foster a connection with my kids through facilitating craft activities. I hope you enjoy this ongoing series and maybe even get some ideas to try yourself. 🙂

Working on a granny square thing with crazy colours, teal, magenta, orange and black. Kids love it cause it just looks really trippy. I can only do three stitches and granny squares work up quickly so I end up playing more with colours than fancy stitching but it is all still super fun. Middle miss 8 can do a chain stitch now too, she’s very impressed with herself. 😉

Also found a tutorial on making mini note books here out of cereal boxes. So cute! Still trying to figure out neatly binding things so I just used cotton rather than fancy embroidery floss, just as well as I have wonky stitching. Gonna keep practicing that one. They would make nice little gifts.

Kids also did these little angels for decorating the Christmas tree (I’m not huge into the commercial Christmas, but the tree I adore) that their great Oma sent over. They look nothing like the picture on the packet, self design happiez from my kidlets lol.

Hope you are having a great week.
From Becca.



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