What is unschooling about: A self-affirmation & goal for our family.

Feeling a little overwhelmed of late, rent inspections, money whackyness, toilet training dramas and tired eyes looking at the world through a grey limbo-like filter of sorts. There have been days where I want to tell everything and everyone to just slow down so I can mentally recover and catch up. One area I have been shaken about a bit numerous times over the past month or so is the kids education. I think all parents worry about such things so it’s not unique but it also kinda is for us because we have chosen to unschool our children. I decided to write this affirmation about unschooling and what it means to me and my family, some things may resonate with you others may not but I really needed to put this somewhere where I won’t be flamed for it or feel vulnerable to the whims of others keyboard skills. What is unschooling about: A self-affirmation & goal list for our family.

  • It’s about children being themselves just as much as they are part of something greater than themselves.
  • It’s about the social and cultural integration of the child within the community and family in a valued way rather than the segregated, false, authoritarian, single age and mono-demographic environment of a school.
  • It’s about the freedom of choice in education and the allowance for a child to attain mastery when, where and how they find their flow, (this can include formal education if the child so chooses.)
  • It’s about the reduction of fear based actions and reactions from the parent with regards to the childs activity including but not limited to excessive praise, arbitrary rule making, punishment and reward.
  • It’s about trust and encouragement in the child’s voice and decision-making ability.
  • It’s about learning from real life situations at every opportunity.
  • It’s about a stand against childism. That is, it is against using age as a means of power over another’s rights and responsibilities to their own body and actions.
  • It’s about being real. Humans make mistakes, and regardless of how much adults fear failure, (and project that fear onto our children,) we still have a habit of learning from them. Never underestimate the power of a child understanding the relationship between being wrong, learning something and trying again without fear to attain mastery.

image To clarify my feelings further on this topic I think it is important to write down what it isn’t about to me. Once again this might not be for everyone. What unschooling isn’t about is the easy path, it is never about permissive parenting, helicopter parenting, authoritative parenting or any form of neglect of the childs abilities, trustworthiness, needs or desires to learn. All children are born capable and curious. Feeding children adult fears and prejudice infantises them, creates judgement in them and cripples them in all the things they are capable of learning when they are trusted individual human beings. Unschooling is the embodiment of trust in children. Trustful parenting without adult fear, judgement and prejudice. Thanks for reading. xo Kind regards, Becca.


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