Wednesday Craft Wrap


Spent most of this week crafting with things we already have around the house. Big kids pulled out some blank tee-shirts and created their own designs with permanent markers. Middle miss made a mistake and was a bit stuck because obviously the marker doesn’t come off. Lesson in incorporating mistakes into the design, very happy with the result. Big lad took his design from a movie alien but was struggling with transferring it onto the shirt, he is going to finish on another day. Lesson in freedom to quit and trying again later. How very unschooly. πŸ˜‰

Middle miss also made a Ojo de Dios with yarn and popsticks. Its a fun way to introduce very simple weaving to young kids. She now wants to try more complex designs but we need some extra supplies first so will come back to that craft later.

From the wee miss K we have a current obsession with everything lava and volcanoes (as per the lava painting, requesting yellow and red paint only) She loves watching lava videos online. We discovered that although K likes to eat with her hands she does not like paint on them (finger painting isn’t her favourite thing, but at least she tried and promptly washed her hands and brushed her teeth… that was just in case I think) Had a play with clay making lots of tiny little bits and messed around with the letter stamps. She has figured out who’s name starts with which letters and we stamp them in their favorite colours.

I also have all these little bits of yarn from various crocheting projects so hubby Kiall made me a picture frame loom. Been using a hair clipper attachment to push the threads where I want them and a ruler with a hole in it to do the weaving. It looks quite random but it works. Also taught myself the waffel stitch via youtube, (I learn everything from youtube, it’s the coolest!)


Last but not least middle miss has been creating on 3d program blender. I should really get back to helping her with the tutorial of this earth she is working on (she did a bit more past this but we got stuck on a texture modifier.) So many other things happening along the way that we both moved on. Such is life πŸ˜‰ Hope you are all having a happy and creative week, from Becca. xo


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