Weather – unschooly style ;)

Welcome to tropical storm Queensland. Merry Christmas! Don’t park your car in the rain 😉 image image Well there were some pretty cool looking hail stones but my camera decided to corrupt the files so I only have these two to show. I ran outside like a mad person as soon as the hail stopped to collect the stones, (bare foot on ice is a really interesting sensation). The big kids were fascinated as to why the hail had ring upon ring of ice layers. Daddy gave a good explanation about the air currents and how the ice moves in really tall cumulonimbus clouds. Of course miss K decided they would be tasty so tried a couple. Middle miss wanted to keep them and hold them in her hand… it doesn’t work well on account of melty puddles taking the place of pretty ice stones. We have just reloaded the weather station onto daddies computer now so we can watch the pressure changes in the storm season and graph them. Big lad is very happy with that idea. 🙂


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