Subtleties of the unschooling mindset – (part 1) Coercion vs Suggestion

A short series of ramblee musings that I’ll build on as I think of them, cause I’m vague like that ;). Some of these we are total ninja like experts at others we fail miserably though inevitably we get up, dust off and keep trying.

(Part 1) Coercion vs Suggestion

Coercion has the end goal of doing as one says via manipulation into accepting reward and it’s false perceived value. It is power struggle based and arbitrary in the message it creates. It ideally ends in one party being deceived by another though as more knowledge is gained, it becomes more difficult to enact. Trust is damaged by coercion.

Suggestion is autonomous. It has the goal of the receiving party doing what they know makes sense. Its main component therefore is the transferance of practical knowledge. In essence, practicing what one preaches and modeling success in a task to reinforce the ‘why’. It’s purpose is to encourage one of less knowledge to recognize an alternate course of action that works for others already. It ends in either understanding and logical action or logical consequence. This personal consequence can be a self regulator of further related actions. The opportunity to fail is accepted as part of the learning process. Trust is not damaged by suggestion.

(Part 2) Personal Voice
(Part 3) Labels


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