Journal 52- week 51 Sing a Song

Was a tough call to make between Pippin’s walking song that has been in my head all week from Lord of the Rings and the beautiful music of the Studio Ghibli movies.

Anime wins. 😉

Don’t know how many of you know about Studio Ghibli and Miazaki’s anime works but Pazu’s trumpet solo from Castle in the Sky called Morning in the Slag Ravine was my choice for the sing a song prompt. It’s my fave piece of music and it was also my wedding song so has special meaning in that way for me. To inspire the page I listened to a bunch of other ghibli music by Joe Hisaishi and couldn’t stick to one song lol so here is the double page pencil and marker I ended up with. 


The process above and the final scanned journal below. The spelling error is just to show it is hand made 😉 Promise this is the only time I will rant about anime.


Gotta say it was challenging and fun and our blue pencil is now half the height it started as.


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