Journal 52 – week 2 Just Be


I’m trying out mixed media. It’s hard not being neat and inside the lines. There are really no lines here lol.
The process was really different creating this page so I thought it would be cool to document it.

1. Wide brush with blue and white poster paint, fairly dry brush.

2. Glue (I normally hate glue but this wasn’t too bad with a gluestick) torn paper on the top and bottom edges. Then some circles of tissue paper the kids and I had punched out ages ago.

3. Dry

4. Roller stamp flowers, stickers and embellishments.

5. Watercolour flowers and paint white bits on circles.

6. Dry again also known as coffee time.

7. Go to town with every glitter pen you can find writing on circles, flowers and randomly listing hobbies that I really love doing including journaling now hehe 🙂

8. Glue more hand made paper on for title and hit the copic markers to blend it all together.

9. White out pen to write the quote (I wrote it a few years back but almost lost on my old blog, not lost now, even the spelling mistakes were all meticulously copied over to my journal.)

10. Breath and go wash hands cause it’s weird having glue and paint on them instead of ink and a lap full of pencil shavings.

Middle miss is still working on hers, we did them together. Was fun. Needed some time just with her. 😉  Anyway, hope you enjoy. It’s such a great fun play space on a blank journal page.


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