Humanity vs Light physics – Because I’m just like that.


In physics theory, light can be a partical or a wave. Its the same as both but it is also different. These types of mechanical theories exist and are accepted. I wonder why then, we cannot accept the dual nature of humanity. That we are the same yet different…

Human life is a spectrum of sameness and difference, the path of each family and individual varies considerably via a vast collection of variables in choice, culture and personal identity. Yet, we are social creatures that require the collective to thrive. Something many forget is that our variety is not mutually exclusive of belonging. We do not need to all be the same to wholely belong within society’s framework.

With the advent of huge social networks and digital places accessed so easily, one could be led to believe that this age is the pinical of human belonging, that our species is thrilled with the idea we know all about everyone in our circles. But when you stop and think about it, how divided we are behind our screens filled with others lives, how easily it is to simply cut off anyone with the touch of a virtual button. How seperate we have become when we no longer feel comfortable dropping by a friend without messaging first and all the chance conversations we miss when asking for directions.¬† Within the automated social network one gets used to a false group mentality as a result of their dire need to belong somewhere. A particular way of viewing those who choose further catagorised areas of life differently. We judge and say outsiders are uneducated or not prioritising correctly to belong because we think we need that particular box above all else and are fearful of loosing it. I know this is true because I’ve done it plenty of times in the past, we think we need that box to justify our actions, but really that’s just fear of judgement and exclusion. In some ways our opinions are so strong that we simply scare others off with our very different ideals and our copious quantities of information (any opinion can pull together “facts” to prove one way or another they are correct) further fueling the seperation and catagorisation of our species into a single nature type system.

I’ve seen and experienced people (including myself) on both sides of virtually every choice be so terrified of eachother and lash out in defence of their own decisions, or worse, attacking eachother rather than just simple acceptance that people are different in varied ways. The logical conclusion here is if we keep going like this every single person will be lonely in their own box full of lables and feel entirely misunderstood due to the loss of their belonging. I see very little tolerance from every extreem end of that life spectrum and it’s very distressing once you notice, especially given the obvious similarities humanity has to the fore mentioned¬† physics theory and how simply our dual nature can be accepted by just believing it as truth.

If I had one wish for humanity’s recovery, for its much needed healing. I would encourage people to strip off the lables once they are of no real use (mainly beyond the information gathering phase,) and just be themselves, not normal, not abnormal, (I have recently come to see that I despise those words as descriptors because they imply only the average is acceptable.) I wish for them to just be them in their unique member of humanity form. Whole in their sameness and in their difference. Belonging as much as they need to without donning the facade. The fakery that claims so much of their shine.

One day.