Wednesday Craft Wrap


Hello again, lotsa fun was had this last week in our house with creativeness. Here is a few bits and bobs from the week that was. 🙂

Miss K has been missing her baby from her sylvanian families set for months. She had stopped playing with them because it was her favourite character. We decided to go against the previous rule of not replacing toys and we replaced it yesterday. I don’t actually know why we had that rule to begin with, I think it was something to do with trying to teach the kids to value their toys. That idea is almost funny with this mob as they so rarely break anything that it becomes a problem trying to keep the toys to a manageable amount because nothing can be thrown out due to breakage. Anyway, she was stoked and has played with it and the rest of her sylvanian stuff once again.

We also put up the Christmas tree yesterday. Yeah, a little early I know, but who really cares. Random fact, there’s no such thing as a sylvanian Christmas tree so we decided to make one. Found this tiny model pine tree at the hobby shop in the trains section while we were out. Beads, bottle cap with a hole and some crochet twine and we had that problem solved. Even made gifts with coloured in MAB unit blocks and some washi tape. The mini bunting was washi tape too just cause I go overboard like that. I probably shouldn’t mention the twine wreath for the front sylvanian door at this point either or you’ll think me a bit whacky… Miss K loved it.

Seen as how the tree went up early we were inspired to make some decorations. Middle miss and I were wandering around online and found these cute beaded snowflakes on pinterest so decided to make our own to add to the tree. They are very twinklee and sparklee when the lights shine on them 🙂

Middle miss has also been drawing various styles of Miku this last week from her collection of pinterest anime bits, she even made a clay one cause she is super random like that. Oh that reminds me, we need to get some refill’s for her skin tone copic markers which could have had something to do with her switching mediums. I don’t think she can breath without creating something.

Two felting projects this week, one was a bowl that I’m still beading the edge of as you can see. The other was a failed attempt at felting soap without the use of a stocking. Discovered it’s way hard without that and totally doesn’t work, so it became a juggling ball as it is quite satisfying forcibly smooshing a failed project into a pretty ball for the kids to play with. I think it would make a better story ball, you know, that whacky game where you start a story, toss to the next person to continue into obscurity and giggles. I reckon if you miss catching this one, the hurt is less than the big ball we usually use so your part of the story doesn’t start with Owch! 😉

Anyway, hope you are all having a creative fun week. Thanks for reading.



Wednesday Craft Wrap – on a Thursday with a life update.

Don’t hate on me, it’s my not my fault. It’s all cause of freak weather, well actually its pretty normal for here. Weather also made us have no power and gusts that caused trees to break, yes trees not just branches.

General wild weather fun was had by all except middle miss who was totally overwhelmed by the whole crazy wind (it reminded her of the mini twister that took off our patio roof 4 ish years ago) and decided that hiding in the hallway wih all her plushies in a blanket would be a good idea.

So in conclusion Wednesday was crazy. O.o

Ok so now it’s Thursday. We started a few things but lots of failed craft this week. I managed to make a felt needle book but failed horribly while trying to convert an old planner into an art journal and my crocheting project for the week is in the process of being salvaged (needs decoration but the bag to carry more crochet is almost finished) it got thrown more than once across the room because of hot and general frustrationess.

Middle miss attempted to paint some clay work and that was an epic fail too as it broke in the process. She ended up doing a copic picture of a rwby character and a bunch of digital art on paint as well as mucking about on Terraria with the xbox and some scratch programing, now on big brothers computer as she rage quit on hers (didn’t end well for that poor old laptop).

We have just started digital strewing on pinterest for the big kids. Gave them both accounts and installed the app on their tablets. They have made some boards so I can pin stuff to them and they can do the same for me. Very cute with lots of chibi pictures to draw that dont take up all of our download, (very groovy as middle miss watches the same youtube tutorial vid at least five times over… just for the music…) gotta get that saving vids app Lynette lol.

Another great digital creative thing we found is an app called mirrograph. Such a basic looking app but the kids have had a ball with it, messing around with multiple reflections and pattern creation, (there is a free one and the paid version without the add)

On the plus side miss K (3 and a half) is finally using the toilet properly, this took up a substantial part of this week (and is probably why I haven’t done much with the other two kiddies). No more nappies. We just picked a day and stopped using them and then she decided the toilet was pretty neat. Few extra rolls of paper down the dunny but she’s pretty much got it after forever trying to train her and her being totally and vocally against the idea. Yet another thing she has taught herself in her own way.

And after over a month we have our car back! Amaze! Have to pay for the silly thing but at least we are not in limbo anymore with our travel plans Yay! I don’t like weird weather or living in limbo. It’s icky.


Have a great creative week.
From me xo