Humanity vs Light physics – Because I’m just like that.


In physics theory, light can be a partical or a wave. Its the same as both but it is also different. These types of mechanical theories exist and are accepted. I wonder why then, we cannot accept the dual nature of humanity. That we are the same yet different…

Human life is a spectrum of sameness and difference, the path of each family and individual varies considerably via a vast collection of variables in choice, culture and personal identity. Yet, we are social creatures that require the collective to thrive. Something many forget is that our variety is not mutually exclusive of belonging. We do not need to all be the same to wholely belong within society’s framework.

With the advent of huge social networks and digital places accessed so easily, one could be led to believe that this age is the pinical of human belonging, that our species is thrilled with the idea we know all about everyone in our circles. But when you stop and think about it, how divided we are behind our screens filled with others lives, how easily it is to simply cut off anyone with the touch of a virtual button. How seperate we have become when we no longer feel comfortable dropping by a friend without messaging first and all the chance conversations we miss when asking for directions.Β  Within the automated social network one gets used to a false group mentality as a result of their dire need to belong somewhere. A particular way of viewing those who choose further catagorised areas of life differently. We judge and say outsiders are uneducated or not prioritising correctly to belong because we think we need that particular box above all else and are fearful of loosing it. I know this is true because I’ve done it plenty of times in the past, we think we need that box to justify our actions, but really that’s just fear of judgement and exclusion. In some ways our opinions are so strong that we simply scare others off with our very different ideals and our copious quantities of information (any opinion can pull together “facts” to prove one way or another they are correct) further fueling the seperation and catagorisation of our species into a single nature type system.

I’ve seen and experienced people (including myself) on both sides of virtually every choice be so terrified of eachother and lash out in defence of their own decisions, or worse, attacking eachother rather than just simple acceptance that people are different in varied ways. The logical conclusion here is if we keep going like this every single person will be lonely in their own box full of lables and feel entirely misunderstood due to the loss of their belonging. I see very little tolerance from every extreem end of that life spectrum and it’s very distressing once you notice, especially given the obvious similarities humanity has to the fore mentionedΒ  physics theory and how simply our dual nature can be accepted by just believing it as truth.

If I had one wish for humanity’s recovery, for its much needed healing. I would encourage people to strip off the lables once they are of no real use (mainly beyond the information gathering phase,) and just be themselves, not normal, not abnormal, (I have recently come to see that I despise those words as descriptors because they imply only the average is acceptable.) I wish for them to just be them in their unique member of humanity form. Whole in their sameness and in their difference. Belonging as much as they need to without donning the facade. The fakery that claims so much of their shine.

One day.


Journal 52 – week 2 Just Be


I’m trying out mixed media. It’s hard not being neat and inside the lines. There are really no lines here lol.
The process was really different creating this page so I thought it would be cool to document it.

1. Wide brush with blue and white poster paint, fairly dry brush.

2. Glue (I normally hate glue but this wasn’t too bad with a gluestick) torn paper on the top and bottom edges. Then some circles of tissue paper the kids and I had punched out ages ago.

3. Dry

4. Roller stamp flowers, stickers and embellishments.

5. Watercolour flowers and paint white bits on circles.

6. Dry again also known as coffee time.

7. Go to town with every glitter pen you can find writing on circles, flowers and randomly listing hobbies that I really love doing including journaling now hehe πŸ™‚

8. Glue more hand made paper on for title and hit the copic markers to blend it all together.

9. White out pen to write the quote (I wrote it a few years back but almost lost on my old blog, not lost now, even the spelling mistakes were all meticulously copied over to my journal.)

10. Breath and go wash hands cause it’s weird having glue and paint on them instead of ink and a lap full of pencil shavings.

Middle miss is still working on hers, we did them together. Was fun. Needed some time just with her. πŸ˜‰  Anyway, hope you enjoy. It’s such a great fun play space on a blank journal page.

Journal 52 – week 1 Pathways

It’s a long road, this post is about going home. Full circle journeys are so weird. I’m avoiding the temptation to think why did we leave in the first place. I know why, to breath and process. Kiall and I were together at 19 and 20 years old, we had a child when I was 21 and the rest is a roller coaster of jobs, no jobs, two more kids, school and going against the norm with no school, moving, wedding and life. It was full. No time to take a breath, well at least it felt that way. Leaving was a breather. A space to process the last ten years of our lives and work towards better things, finding the place we really wanted to be as parents and as adults. We are not there yet but we have started and that’s always half the battle. Most people figure all this out in their 20’s. We were young parents then. This coming decade, with the kids getting older is now for us just as much as it is for them. We have goals and aspirations some big and long term like Kiall getting his pilots licence, others small like growing more of our own food. I have every ounce of stubbornness imaginable so we will get there eventually.

We now have some dates in mind so it’s feeling more real. Latest leave date is early July after the tax is done. We will have 5 fortnights on the road arriving in WA by September. (My birthday is the only one on the road hehe, I like that lotsa) This gives us enough time to sort out pets properly (including the right gear for traveling with a dog,) recover the money we lost with the repairs to the car, save up for emergency money, get the right insurance, leave this house on good standing and set the car up well enough to make it a comfortable and easy journey. Roughly 6 months of serious planning, spending, saving, clearing out etc.

It was ironic that the prompt this week for journal 52 was pathways. This is what I came up with. A river heading west and this poem. Hope you like it.


Journal 52 – week 52 circles

I gave myself the creative constraint of circles when I started this project, you see them everywhere, in nature, in man made structures, circles are the base of almost everything so I figured this would be the easiest prompt ever… nope… being down one constraint was harder. I had this amazing idea of painting (yeah, me and paint are not friends) an aborigional style dot painting with the back of a pencil and the back of a paintbrush. It was all in my head and looked kinda neat. I had envisioned sharing (with the mostly not aussie group online) and recording the dreamtime story of the Glasshouse Mountains, (an old but striking volcanic range near my home on the sunshine coast in Queensland, Australia) in my own journal before we headed back west using the inspiration from local walking trails and the topographic maps of the area (enter circles). My first attempt at putting paint to paper looked kinda like umm… a bumpy bit of mud… would have made great camo paper.

Having my own art not look like how it looks in my head is a new concept to me… I’m not a fan. It kinda put me in a bad mood. I fixed said bad mood by ripping out that page, throwing it across the room, dumping my journal in my craft box and madly crocheting till my hands got a cramp a whole skein of yarn later… I’m a sore loser.

Second attempt was only slightly less infuriating. I dumped the style I was going for and tried to focus on the content without all the detailed me + paint thing. Discovered pens actually run out if you use them for a whole background of tiny water-like circles, who knew? Managed to find something similar to finish it with only to have the same problem happen on the other half of the page. I was kinda going for the juxtaposed ideas of dreamtime story vs the touristy, classy thing going on with the places that have views of this mountain range but even with all that very meta kinda fancyness to my idea. It just didn’t make sense. Here is my half finished second attempt.


So here I was at attempt three four days later and quite frustrated with the whole thing. Not something that normally happens. However, I’m stubborn and I like art journaling so gotta try again. This time I ditched my expectations of super complicatedness and just hung out with my middle kiddo and her art stash for the morning. She always makes art look so free, just playing and having fun with colours on the page. She likes the end pictures but it is so much about the process for her, eight year olds are very clever like that. πŸ™‚

Just after Christmas with a new art journal and some brand new watercolour pencils in front of her, she plays at the kitchen table with art, humming or whistling random movie tunes and parading around in dress ups, I’m watching with my own journal in front of me open to a blank page. Wee miss K is darting around in dress-ups also chatting to herself and randomly combining toys like mathomats and peg boards. It’s very girly here, daddy is only occasionally in the room and the lad is away on a sleepover. Just me and my girls. I had another circle thought whilst chatting earlier in the morning to daddy, it was dancers from the top or a ferris wheel with the idea being more about the circular motion than actual circles but I wasn’t sure how to create it, the picture in my head was hazy at best. Then the universe punched me in the face. Middle miss started humming that excessively repeated song in our house…. I’ll let you guess which one it was…


She was right you know, kids are way smarter than grown ups. So I just stared sketching, had no bloody idea what it would look like at the end which is super scary as I basically copy whatever image pops into my head normally but without that mind pic what was I even doing. As I watched middle miss create with this new medium it was clear she was still learning how to manipulate it. We’ve never had watercolour pencils before. She’s not brilliant at it yet but you can see she’s trying to figure it out and that it totally didn’t matter how things looked along the way. She was experimenting, exploring and playing on the page. I wanna be able to do that!

Morning went on and wee miss K wanted to play with my hair putting in tiny pony tails as I worked on this unknown page. I let her do her thing when normally that would bother me (I generally journal while she’s already asleep or is engrossed in something else).


Middle miss went on to other things and eventually I came up with this


It’s the closest you will get me to painting. It’s not perfect, it’s not some preconceived vision, it’s just playing on a page. I think adults learn a lot from playing too so that’s going to be my inspiration for journal 52 2015.


I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and a happy new year, thanks for reading
From Becca.

Journal 52- week 51 Sing a Song

Was a tough call to make between Pippin’s walking song that has been in my head all week from Lord of the Rings and the beautiful music of the Studio Ghibli movies.

Anime wins. πŸ˜‰

Don’t know how many of you know about Studio Ghibli and Miazaki’s anime works but Pazu’s trumpet solo from Castle in the Sky called Morning in the Slag Ravine was my choice for the sing a song prompt. It’s my fave piece of music and it was also my wedding song so has special meaning in that way for me. To inspire the page I listened to a bunch of other ghibli music by Joe Hisaishi and couldn’t stick to one song lol so here is the double page pencil and marker I ended up with.Β 


The process above and the final scanned journal below. The spelling error is just to show it is hand made πŸ˜‰ Promise this is the only time I will rant about anime.


Gotta say it was challenging and fun and our blue pencil is now half the height it started as.

Journal 52: Week 50 2014

Sparkle & Shine
Borrowed the kids hair chalks, charcoal and white out pen. The glitter pen was mine fair and square πŸ˜‰ Dedicated to those close who suffer from mental illness. β™‘ so have any of you gone and found some art journal supplies yet? There’s a few of us in Australia doing this but more would be cool.


Journal 52

So I’m doing this thing called Journal 52, you can find it here. It’s an art journaling workshop that’s a fair bit of groovy. I originally was going to start it next year with a page a week but I’m impatient and couldn’t wait that long so I’ve picked up a few from this year’s round to wet my arty appetite. The first one ended up being my title page with the theme “doodle”. I instantly thought of mandalas and zentangle things but settled eventually on this. I’ve got lots of pens to play with and I like flat pages rather than lots of bumpy bits and glitter gel pens are so fun. πŸ™‚

Then this was the next one I pulled from the previous weeks list with the theme “wise words”. (thought you might like to see it finished) Was thinking of time quotes, time>clocks>steampunk>insects… Somehow?! I kinda figure they experience time differently that humans so it was all very meta and symbolic lol. Anyway, the quote is from writer William Faulkner. The image was originally done in art line and marker pens then I post edit using Pixlr Express to get closer to the look I was after cause I don’t have decent pencils atm.


Have you ever done art journaling? If you haven’t but you would like to, come join the journal 52 workshop for 2015. πŸ™‚

From Becca.